Women With Short Nails Should Do These Manicures

- May 04, 2020-

Many people may have a stereotype in mind, that is, nails must be longer for nails to look good, because the nails not only look more imposing, but also easier to style, if they are very short nails There is a little feeling of being a little kid. In fact, this is not the case. Short nails can also make very beautiful looks. If you are also troubled because the nails are not always long, try these nail arts, it is definitely a short nail star welfare.


This is a very fresh and natural manicure. The overall color is a flesh pink with a fine flash. The nails are decorated with a narrow layer of fine sequins on the top of the nail. style. In addition to the flesh pink background and top color sequins, this manicure has also been made into a cat's eye style. This design can also make this manicure look more refined.


This manicure looks a lot simpler. The five nails are all based on a transparent color. On the side of the two nails is a very fresh little daisy as decoration. The overall look is very fresh and clean, full of girly feeling. If you think this looks too monotonous, you can draw a daisy pattern on all five nails, which can make the nail style more abundant.