Why Should We Pay For Nail Remover Product

- Jun 23, 2020-

Nail removal seems simple, but it is very time-consuming. In the simplest style, the nail artist wants to completely remove it, it will take 15-20 minutes for both hands, and if you encounter a complex style four, such as prolonging Glue and nail art with diamond ornaments often take at least half an hour. You should know that in the process of removing your nails, the manicurist has no way to receive other people. In the process, if some waiting customers leave, it is also a loss for the nail salon.

   Nail remover consumes nail remover products

  Now many nail shops still use traditional tin foil to remove nails. A year later, they also consume a lot of tin foil. In addition to the cost of tin foil, many shops now also choose to buy a separate nail remover bag, one pack per finger, which is healthy and hygienic, but consumption is also very rapid.

  Some high-end nail salons will purchase Salon Nail Drill Machine, but one set of such Professional Nail Drill Machine is not enough. Several sets of equipment have cost thousands of nail salons.