Why Is The Nail Surface Not Shiny After The Seal Is Applied?

- Nov 12, 2020-

Why doesn't the nail surface shine on the seal?

(1) The position of the hand when illuminating the lamp is not correct, causing some nails to not be dried, especially the thumb;

(2) The lighting time is not enough, and the sealing layer is not completely dried;

(3) The nail lamp does not match the nail lamp required for the sealing layer;

(4) If it is to scrub the sealing layer, it is possible that the alcohol concentration of the scrubbing is insufficient, or the scrubbing cotton is not clean and the sealing layer is contaminated;

(5) The problem of the sealing layer itself, if it is not the reason mentioned above, you can try another brand of sealing layer to see if it is not bright. If there is no such problem, the quality of the original sealing layer is not good.