Why Do You Want To Use Tin Foil For Removing Nail Polish?

- Jul 25, 2019-

If you go to a professional nail shop to remove the nails, the general manicurist will use your tin foil to wrap your nails when you help you unload the nails, and then start the work of remove nail polish. Why? What are the benefits of using nail polish gel foil remover wraps 


When the nail artergage wraps your finger with tin foil, as long as it is anti-corrosion and has a good absorption capacity, nail training feels that it can prevent us from sticking during the process of disassembly. On someone else's hand or on other items.


Tin foil, it does not have metal, pure tin products do not have a little damage to the human body, and tin can absorb things that are not pure substances, so nail training feels that tin foil can be used to assist the unloading is appropriate because it can It absorbs the odor of nail polish and nail polish remaining on our nails, also prevents the nail polish from being contaminated with other items.