Which Sauce-colored Nails Have An Instant Up Temperament After Doing

- Jan 04, 2021-

1.Dark pumpkin nail art

In winter, apply a warm dark pumpkin solid color manicure, which belongs to the popular caramel color series, suitable for everyone. With a strong and slightly feminine tone, this nail color is more suitable for girls with yellow skin. It is an eye-catching nail color. It has a good sense of strength and is very beautiful with dull winter.


2. Maroon nail art

Maroon is considered the favorite color of the public. Both the nails on the feet and hands are perfect, more elegant and noble. Especially for girls with white hands, it must be said that they are really white and wonderful. Bright colors are very suitable for New Year. This is a nail color that matches well with sweaters.


3. Cherries nail art

If you just want to change your nails, then you don't need to consider cherries solid nails. This color is just to control the eyeballs of others, the color saturation is a bit dark, super popular color, I also like to make this nail color. Fingernails and toenails look great!


4. Sauce fruit smoothie nail art

This color is something that many people dare not try. This color is called a premium color. It is a blend of red and black. You can choose dark or light colors according to the skin tone of your hands The sauce fruit smoothie color is light and lively, dark and cold. It is close to the New Year. If you like, you can choose a light color to set off your complexion!


5. Elegant Mocha Nail Art

Is this simple, introverted, generous and considerate style unique? This elegant hue suits people's skin tone, low-key softness and atmospheric texture. Women should be tender and gentle, not even letting go of their nails. Beautiful nails are in a good mood.