Which Country Did The Nail Art Originate From

- Jul 31, 2020-

Nail art originated in ancient Egypt.

The ancient Egyptians took the lead in rubbing the fur of the antelope to make the nails shiny, and applying the scented flower juice to make the nails look attractive and bright red. In an archaeological study, someone found a cosmetic box in the tomb of Cleopatra, which recorded: "Virgin nail polish" is used to lead to the Western Paradise.

In the Tang Dynasty, there was already a fashion of dyeing armor. The material used is balsam. The method is to take the flowers and leaves of the corrosive balsam in a small bowl and mash it, add a small amount of alum, and then use it to dip nails. You can also squeeze the silk cotton into a thin slice like the nail, put it in the flower juice, wait until the water is absorbed, take it out, and place it on the surface of the nail. After three to five consecutive dips, the color will not fade for several months.

Nail art is not only a symbol of beauty, but also a symbol of status. Ancient Chinese officials also used decorative metal false nails to increase the length of their nails and show their dignity.