What To Pay Attention To When Repairing Round Nails

- Jun 09, 2019-

If you want to trim the dead skin around your nails, you can first soak our nails in warm water. If there is a thorn around the nail, you can use scissors to cut the thorn meat. Remember to not use your fingers to tear it. Pay attention to the nail file must be straight. You can try to hold the 1/3 of the nail file, and then lean your index finger against the thumb, and point the nail tip at the angle of 45-90 degrees after staring at the nail file.


Don't sand back and forth on the surface of the nail, this will damage our nails and methyl groups, causing nail breakage. Be sure to develop a correct way of working when trimming your nails.


It is recommended to first grind from the two sides to the middle, remember not to polish from the middle to the back. After trimming the nails, the edges of the nails can be removed. This can avoid peeling and other phenomena.