What To Pay Attention To When Applying Nail Polish

- Apr 25, 2019-

Base oil:

Base oil is an important step to protect your nails and strengthen your nails. The excellent quality primer can make your nails last longer. If you have special needs, you can also choose functional base oil. For example, if your nails are very soft, you can choose base oil that specifically strengthens your nails and prevents breakage. If you apply dark or very bright nail polish, you can choose base oil that specifically prevents staining; if you just want to try the color or if you need to temporarily remove your nails when you go to work, you can choose to peel off the oil, and so on.


Color oil:

Color oils are those colorful nail polishes. Nowadays, nail polish has a lot of texture and can create a lot of effects. Basically all color oils, to achieve a degree of saturation, uniformity, need to be applied at least twice, and some textures are applied 3-5 times to develop color.