What Should Pregnant Women Pay Attention To?

- May 04, 2019-

1. Don't apply it to the skin

It is best for pregnant women to do less nails. If you really do nails, you should pay attention to these problems. Pregnant women Nail art is best not to apply nail polish to the skin, be careful to avoid the possibility of avoiding the application to the skin. If you accidentally apply it to the edge of your nails, it is best to use a cotton swab to wipe off the nail polish.


2. Don't paint too thick

Some girls will ask for thicker nails. In fact, too thick nail polish is not good for nails, which may make the nails not "breath". Pregnant women do not wear nails so thick, it is best to apply only a thin layer, so as not to hurt the nails, but also greatly reduce the invasion of chemicals.


3. Nail cleaning, base oil

This aspect is of course necessary. Everyone needs to clean before making nails, and then add a layer of base oil. Pregnant women need to clean their nails to make nail polish last longer, reducing the number of nails for you. A layer of base oil on the nails is cleaned to protect the nail layer and prevent the nails from turning yellow.


4. Brightening oil

Bright oil can be said to be the last step of nail art. It can fix the shape and brighten the nails, and also protect the color of the nails and prevent the nails from cracking. It is best for pregnant women to choose safe and healthy nail varnish, which can be applied twice a week.