What Oil Is Applied Before Cutting The Dead Skin During Nail Art?

- Dec 24, 2020-

Nail art tools are mainly dead skin trimming, soft, camping, gloss oil, primer, bluestone stick, finger, sand polishing strip, sheepskin rub, nail nutrition wax, etc.

What oil is applied before cutting the dead skin during nail art?

Softener or dead skin nutrient oil.

Hand-washing should be gentle and avoid brushing your nails with bristles or scraping hard objects with your nails. This will make your nails fragile and will also cause your nails to turn up and get off the nail bed.

When applying hand care products, you should also take proper care of the horns around your nails.

Poor blood circulation not only causes spots and bruises in the hands, but also the nails are blue. Massage should be done to strengthen blood circulation, so that blood can flow to the hands and nail bed to restore a healthy glow.


Finger skin softener is a milky white liquid that can accelerate the degree of softening.

1. How to use: Dry the soaked hands with a towel, and apply the softener evenly on the nail surface.

2. Matters needing attention: Do not apply softener on the nail cap to prevent the nail cap from being softened.

Nail art massage oil is also called nutrient oil or nail oil. It can be divided into: almond-containing, vitamin A-containing and vitamin E-containing nutrients.

1. How to use: Take a small amount of massage oil and apply it around the trimmed finger skins, then massage it with your fingers. It can moisturize finger skin, prevent thorns from growing around nails, make skin soft, and protect nails healthy and shiny.

2. Matters needing attention: Nutrient oil should be used daily, and the dosage should not be too much, otherwise it will appear too greasy.

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