What Is The Black Skin Suitable For Nail Art?

- Oct 20, 2019-

Many black-skinned girls don’t know what color nails to do, so they are very upset when they choose.




The red manicure is basically suitable for black skin, and the red manicure can enhance the taste of women. When the red manicure is painted, in addition to the overall look is very white, it is still very professional and rational, and it has won the trust of many customers when working, so the nail training I feel that red manicure is a good choice.




Green is one of the more popular colors, but pay attention to black skin, fluorescent green and light green are difficult to maintain, so nail training feels dark green or plant green is a good choice.




Classical black, almost omnipotent color, nail training feels no matter what skin color, black nail polish will make your hand look white and natural. Bring mysterious charm to your hands.


Beige or nude


A slightly translucent beige, nude, and jelly color does not choose a skin tone. Nail training feels that she is suitable for any skin color finger, especially for women whose hands turn yellow. It is worth a try.




Blue is a visually striking color. The contrast effect on the hand is very significant. Quiet and gorgeous colors, nail training can make your jade hands whiter instantly. In addition, light blue is as white as sapphire blue.