What Is A Cat's Eye Manicure?

- Sep 30, 2019-

Some metal components in cat eyes nail gel may be magnet powder or the like. When the armor oil is still in the liquid state after painting, the metal in the nail polish is sucked together by the magnetite magnet to form a cat's eye effect.


Cat eye nail application notes


1. When using the cat eyes nail gel, it is best to use the detachable bond and the detachable scrub seal. If it is not used, it is prone to bursting and difficult to remove.


2. Apply the cat eyes nail gel only once; do not be too thin, not too thick.


3.The magnet can be dedicated, it can also be the magnet on your refrigerator or other, you do not have to buy a professional magnet, the magnetic line thickness of each magnet is not the same, you can use according to your own preferences.