What Color Is The Best For Nail Art

- May 09, 2019-

Many girls would like to go to the nail shop to make nails, but they like to make nails and don't know what color to choose.

1. Yellow to enhance wealth

If you want to improve fortune, we suggest you try yellow nail polish.

2. Red lifting peach blossom.

If you want to improve the peach blossom, we suggest you use red series nail polish, such as Light pink.

3. Blue upgrade career

The blue nail polish represents the meaning of depression; however it can make your heart calm down when you are boring.

4. Orange to enhance the power of transshipment

Orange nail polish gives a clear feeling; you will feel better when you smear the yellow nail polish.

5. Green enhances healthy

The fresh green nail polish makes it look like a kind of refreshing effect, making people whole spirits, nail training feels like this can help you improve your health.