What Are The Dark Blue Nail Art?

- Jul 06, 2019-

Compared to the red manicure, blue seems to be suitable for more occasions, and less excessively feminine but still without losing the atmosphere, today, let's take a look at the dark blue nail art.


Dark Blue Nail Sequins

A variety of blue color blocks are full of creativity, the elements of the sequins are like the scales of the mermaid, and the solid dark blue and light blue are like sea and sky.

蓝色美甲系列 (3)

3d nail art glitter flakes

Blue Laser Manicure

The texture of the sea is deep and elegant, and there is a feeling of starry sky. The nail gel is the most simple and bright, and it looks exquisite and mysterious.

蓝色美甲系列 (1)

Nail Powder Glitter Laser Dust Nail Art Decorations

gp3 (4)

gp3 (1)