What Are The Benefits Of Nail Polishers

- Dec 17, 2019-

The booming development of the automation industry has brought us not only the era of artificial intelligence, but also the increasingly innovative era of nail technology. In the era of highest efficiency, the emergence of nail polishers has greatly increased the growth rate of the nail industry.

Being proficient and mastering the sander is also a skill that every nail man must get!

Benefits of ELectric Nail Filer Machine

1. High security

Compared with nail removal methods such as makeup remover or makeup remover, nail polishers only need to use a sander to lightly polish on the fingertips. You do not need to use these nail polish remover products containing chemical substances before operation, and you don't have to worry about the damage to the nail Injury, very safe.

2. Efficient and comfortable

Grinding machine is to turn manual into mechanized. It used to take 30 minutes to remove nails. Now it can be done quickly in a few minutes. Whether it is ordinary nail polish or extended phototherapy glue, it can be quickly and completely removed using only a sander. , The whole process will also make guests feel very comfortable。


3. High performance

Different sander drill bits can also replace tools such as dead skin scissors and rubbing strips for pre-treatment of hands and feet. This will not only greatly improve the efficiency of the nail salon's nail salon operation, increase foot traffic, but also increase professional services in the store To double the performance of salons