What A Novice Needs To Run A Nail Shop

- Jun 30, 2020-

1 Preparations for opening a nail shop

1. Before opening a store, you must first understand the surrounding market, to understand the surrounding consumption capacity, it is best to do a market survey, and then you can locate your target customer is mid-range or high-end, remember not to blindly enter An industry you don’t understand.

2. You can start to choose a good location for customers. A profitable nail shop has a great relationship with the location. You should choose where to open the store. Everyone should seriously consider it.

3. In terms of technical training, we found that there are many friends who want to open a nail shop and do not understand technology. What should we do at this time? Xiaobian generally recommends that the shop mainly go to a professional nail school to learn, or directly invite a skilled nail salon When the teacher comes to the store, it is generally recommended to study at the school. At least to understand the technology, because the nail technology update is also very fast!

4. Calculate the cost of opening a store. There are many items to be calculated. For example, how much does it cost to open a house and rent a house, how much does it cost to buy furniture and tools, how much does it cost to learn nail art, and how much does it cost to recruit a mature manicurist. Sometimes you have to count the cost of advertising, and the manicurist you hire is to reserve a few months of salary, etc...

5. The last step is to get all kinds of certificates, this is easier, it is more time-consuming, just follow the requirements step by step!