Water Ripple Nail Tutorial

- Feb 13, 2021-

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Prepare materials

silver sequin paint glue, reinforcement glue, transparent model glue, drawing pen. Brush the silver sequined armor after the primer


How to do water ripple nail art

1. After the primer is applied, apply a layer of silver sequined nail polish on the nail surface, and illuminate for 60 seconds

2. Apply a layer of sequin glue again and light for 60 seconds.


3. Brush a layer of reinforcing glue on the nail surface, shine the light for 60 seconds, and then wipe off the floating glue. After the sequin glue is dried, the nail surface will be a little uneven. Adding reinforcement glue can keep the nail surface flat and the texture will be more neat.

4. Dip the transparent model glue with a drawing pen, draw three "s"-shaped curves on the nail surface, and illuminate for 30 seconds. The model glue used is also called extension glue. It is a relatively viscous transparent glue. It will have a brushed texture and the drawn lines will not collapse easily. Someone asked before if we can use transparent base glue to make water ripple nail art. I personally think It’s a bit difficult, because the base glue is very fluid and can’t make precise lines.


5. Use model glue to deepen the three-dimensional texture of the texture, and illuminate for 60 seconds. When making the texture, you can deepen it several times in a small amount to achieve the three-dimensional effect you want, and then apply the sealing layer on the entire nail and illuminate it for 60 seconds. This water ripple nail art is complete~ The actual effect is very three-dimensional