UV Polish Gel Removal

- Apr 12, 2019-

Please prepare nail file, nail buffer, nail pusher, nail cutter, nail polish removal water, nail unloading bag, and nail dust brush.


1.    Gently sand evenly on the nail surface with a frust.

ST20 (1)

2.    Use a cleaning brush to sweep away excess dust.

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3.    Wrap the nail on the unloading armor, then tear off the surface tape and stick the unloading bag to prevent the air from entering. It is the volatilization liquid, and it can be removed in 5-10 minutes. According to the material of the extended prosthesis, the time of the package is determined, the time for easy removal is shorter, and the time for not being easy to remove is longer.

卸甲包 (1)卸甲包 (2)

4.    Remove nail unloading bag, and then use nail pusher. And then use nail dust brush again.

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6.    Finally, use a sponge to get light on nail, and then clean the surface on nail.