Unloading Towel Classification

- Jan 18, 2019-

Unloading towel is divided into two types: bag packaging and small round box packaging. Depending on the manufacturer, the production is divided into water-based and oil-based, and the fragrance is also better. In short, they are collectively called unloading towel.

1: There are also 50mm*80mm and 12mm*20mm in the bag, and there are also 50mm*50mm pieces per package.

2: Most of the round boxes are small discs with diameters ranging from 4 cm to 5.5 cm, and the number of pieces is not the same.

3: The raw material commonly used for water-based unloading towel is the stock solution of oil-in-water emulsification technology (washing water).

4: Oily unloading towel is generally a water-in-oil emulsified stock solution (washing water), the two effects are almost the same, but the oily is higher than the water price.

5: According to the different flavors, it is divided into many kinds, such as the popular milk unloading towel, lemon flavor, lily-flavored unloading towel, orange flavor and so on.