Unloading Towel

- Jan 17, 2019-

Speaking of unloading towel, in the nail shop, there is also a lady who loves beauty. When it comes to nail beauty, the first thing is to wash the nail polish when you accidentally make the nails bad or do not like it. Generally, everyone thinks of washing. Jiashui, this is the unpleasant pungent smell of the nail polish, not only unpleasant, but also the vapour water evaporates quickly, but also spreads the entire room, endures the long-term stimulation, and uses the nail polish. At the time, pay attention to safety, because the nail polish is flammable (see not a little open fire), you have to prepare your own cotton, then pour the nail polish on the non-woven cotton, then clean the nail polish. 

This will result in attention to ventilation safety, fire resistance, irritancy, and increased costs. Buying nail polish also requires unloading cotton. It is also cumbersome, not convenient and fast, not safe enough, etc. Advance, this is the emergence of the unloading towel, that is, the usual use of unloading cotton (50mm * 80mm) as the carrier, after special process to make the environmentally friendly nail polish cleaning solution invade the unloading cotton, after vacuum packaging is now everyone The unloading towel used. The unloading towel is not only convenient and quick to use, but also takes out one piece and gently presses the nail for a while. Clean nail polish, which is completely different from nail polish. It has neither pungent odor nor non-flammable, safe and environmentally friendly. It also helps to moisturize nails, prevent nails from becoming white, brittle and break, etc. When cleaning nail polish, It also exudes a fascinating perfume so that you no longer endure the stimulating taste.