Unexpectedly, The Industry That Rebounded The Most After The Epidemic Turned Out To Be Nail Art

- Jul 22, 2020-

Under the mask, the "lipstick effect" is not working

A report entitled "Masks May Make the "Lipstick Index" Die" recently published on the US "Fortune" magazine website stated that under the epidemic, the "Lipstick Index" may have a new alternative-the "nail polish effect."

The lipstick index, also known as the lipstick effect, refers to an interesting economic phenomenon, also known as the "low-price product preference trend". In other words, whenever the economy is in a recession, the sales of lipsticks will rise sharply.

The reason behind it is simple. In the United States, people think that lipstick is a relatively cheap consumer product. In the case of economic downturn, people still have a strong desire to consume, so they will switch to buying cheaper products. Lipstick, as a "cheap non-essential thing", can play a "comforting" role for consumers.