Under What Circumstances Will The Nail Appear Brittle?

- Jun 23, 2019-

The first case: apply nail polish for a long time, and wash the original color with other nail polish for a period of time to change other colors;


 The second case: in the dry climate, do not pay attention to moisturizing, the diet is still spicier and more fried, do not like to drink water. In the cold winter, do not pay attention to the warmth of your hands, let the hands exposed to the natural climate for a long time, go out without gloves.


The third case: the nail stays too long, and does not pay attention to the trimming of the leading edge part, so that the nail is easy to break quickly after hitting the hard object;


The fourth situation: when washing the dishes, the hands are in contact with the poor quality detergent, no gloves for protection, or excessive contact with chemical-containing detergents when washing clothes;


 The fifth situation: when the nail appears small cracks, directly bite with the mouth, so that the leading edge of the nail appears dry and uneven.


Because the nails are brittle and easy to break because the nails are too dry, the above five conditions are the root cause of nail drying. So if you want to make the nails less fragile and not easy to break, you should remember the above mentioned. Do the necessary protection, the diet list is healthy, and the nails are repaired as necessary. Then your nails will not be accidentally folded, so you can leave enough nail length to show your hands.