Tips For Trimming Round Nails

- Oct 22, 2019-

If you want to trim the dead skin on the edge of your nails, you can first soak your nails in a bowl with warm water.

When trimming the side nails, make sure that the nail file must be straight. Try to hold the nail 1/3 of the nail, the index finger against the thumb, the nail tip against the nail file, and pull straight in the direction of 45-90 degrees.


Remember not to grind back and forth in front of the nail or on the front edge of the nail. This will hurt our nails and cause the nail to break or peel off.


It is necessary to develop a good habit when trimming your nails. You can use the two sides of the nail to grind in the middle direction. Remember not to grind from the middle of the nail to the sides.