Three Tips Tell You Match The Color Of The Nail Polish!

- May 06, 2019-

Many friends often like to go to the nail shop to make nail art, but they don't know what color they want to do. They don't know what color of nail polish they are suitable for. At this time, they start to hesitate, don't worry; there are 3 tips to tell you the details of the color of the nail polish!


1. The skin color is yellow

If the skin color of your hands is yellow, and you like to make nails look better, then the nails suggest you can choose white or white pink nail polish, so that the nails will look more clean and beautiful.


2. The skin color is darker


If the skin color of your hands is darker, then the nail joins remind you not to use the green, yellow color, try to choose a translucent color, so it looks like your hand is more beautiful.


3. Fair complexion


If your hands are white, then the nails feel that you don't have much attention in choosing colors, such as the blue of the lake, these colors are also very good.