The Usage Of False Fake Nail Tips

- Sep 27, 2019-

Manicure is an art work. The skill of a manicurist can make our nails a beautiful pair of nails. After nails are dressed by a manicurist, it looks very attractive. Many nails go to the nail school to learn nail art. Nail art sticks have always been clueless, and I feel that it is very difficult to learn. So, the nails will join us now to find out how to stick the nails when doing nail art.


When attaching a piece of nails, choose a piece that is more suitable for the length and curvature of your own nails, and then polish the nails. The glue is then applied to the underside recess of the nail piece.


After the glue is glued, stay for a few seconds, then adjust the orientation of the nail tip when attaching the nail, then adjust the orientation of all the nails until the orientation of the nail is appropriate. After the alignment, press the top of the nail and hold for at least 10 seconds. .


Here, if you apply glue to your skin while applying a piece of film, you can wipe it off with a small amount of acetone and dipped in water.


False Nail Tips