The Three Rules When Making Nails

- Jul 31, 2019-

Nowadays, nails are becoming more and more popular. Many girls go to nail schools to learn nail art. What do you need to pay attention to when learning nail art?


1: According to skin color VS nail polish


A friend with a darker skin on the hand can choose a dark-colored nail polish when doing nail art. For example, brown, brown, and black, these darker colors can make your fingers look slender. The whiter friends can choose the brighter nail polish, such as peach red, lemon yellow, light purple, etc. These kinds of color nail polish have jump ability, and the manicure will become more individual.


2:Nail Repair VS Care

People who often make nails may have yellow nails, so how can they make the nails yellow? Before making a nail, we can use a lemon slice to wipe the nails. Here, the nail joins to remind everyone to remember to apply the primer to the nail before doing the nail, which can play a protective role.


3: Shape VS Form

When we are making nails, we can choose the form of nails according to the shape of our nails. For example, if the shape of the nails is square, then you can use the flowers to decorate. If your nail shape is oval, then we can use a cute pattern, which will look more textured.