The Magical Effect Of Nail Polish

- May 12, 2019-

1. Decorative key

The dull color makes it look unpleasant, so we suggest that you can use nail polish to color these keys, so that the keys will look beautiful.


2. Color the necklace and hairpin

The necklace faded, and I felt that I couldn’t wear it out of the street happily. The nails felt that I could re-make the necklace or hairpin with nail polish.


3. Let the home slippery

If you feel that the chair you are sitting on every day becomes a bit rough, then we suggests that you can apply nail polish, which is equivalent to re-coloring, and can make the chair look good.


4. Prevent silk stockings off wire

Many girls have the habit of wearing stockings, but the stockings are also common. Nail art joins feel that you can apply nail polish to both ends of the stockings, and you will find magical effects after the nail polish is dry.