The Love Of British Hot Mom For Child In Nail Art

- Nov 29, 2019-

According to the British "Mirror" reported on November 2, the 33-year-old Hannah from Birmingham, England has four children; she needs to spend 1,000 pounds (about 9000 Yuan) per month for herself and three daughters. They love make nail art beauty, and the youngest daughter is only 15 months old.

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According to reports, Hannah takes her children to beauty salons, nails, pedicures and hairdressing every week, insisting that this is a favorite of children. Hannah believes that it is important to let 17-year-old Tia, 9-year-old Brooke and 15-month-old Valentina understand that it is necessary to live beautifully. Although Valentina is too young to do a full range of pedicures, she has been bathing at the pedicure center since she was 9 months old. She gave the children famous luxury red shoes, faux fur shawls and two pet horses, but she insisted that this is not a love.

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Hannah said: "I teach my daughter how to dress themselves and make sure to pay attention to skin, hair and nails. I don't apply nail polish to children because they are small and don't want to damage their nails. They like to dress up. Beautiful and bright, there are always shiny things on the nails.” Tina, who is currently studying art at the university, started to wear hair from two or three years old. She said that her mother’s facial and hairdressing help her. She gained confidence when she was in high school.


It is reported that Hannah and her 30-year-old husband Nick Brig (Nick B