The Knowledge Of Nail Polish

- Jun 16, 2019-

1. Understanding of quality Nail polish

Good nail polish color is pure, no pungent smell, fine, good fluidity, no turbidity, easy to brush, quick-drying, bristles are elastic, the length is within 1.2cm, and the brush can be restored immediately after being taken out.


2. Hydrophilicity

Some nail polish drops immediately in the water, which is hydrophilic nail polish. It can be used to make a watermark.


3. Extendibility

Some nail polish is made of polymer materials, and its ductility is very good. It can be used to make marble hooks.

Special reminder: Some poor nail polish red and yellow can change the color of the painting above.


4. Save method

(1) The general nail polish has a shelf life of about two years, and the nail polish that is not opened can be stored for three years.

(2) The bottle mouth should be tightly closed; otherwise the solvent in the nail polish will easily evaporate. Once the ingredients are volatilized, the nail polish will become thick and thick.

(3) If the nail polish becomes thicker, add 2~3 drops of nail polish thinner to dilute. Note that acetone or de-lighting is not suitable for diluting nail polish, which makes nail polish more susceptible to deterioration and damage to nails.

(4) After the nail polish is used for a period of time, the pigment will precipitate, and shaking it before use is beneficial to the smooth recovery of the nail polish. But don't shake it up and down. The correct way is to put the nail polish on the palm of your hand and slowly rub it back and forth with your hand.