The Hottest Nail Art

- Mar 27, 2021-

Nowadays, most girls do nail art, especially when school starts, after work, and when they do nail art, nail art is more suitable for sweaters and dresses!

1. Morandi nail art

This low-key and elegant color system includes many different colors. It can also be understood as a low-key version of various colors, so the nails made in Morandi color will look extraordinarily advanced. And the color is comfortable and durable, and the white skin and yellow skin can be easily controlled. In spring, dresses and knits are a combination of gods, and the inadvertent fingertips reveal a full sense of luxury.


2. Weaving a small fragrance manicure

Whether it is clothing styles or bag decorations, Xiaoxiangfeng is a fashion type that is very popular in autumn and winter, and it is unique when applied to nail art. The delicate texture does not make the fingertips look very complicated. On the contrary, the texture is fascinating. It is super suitable for gentle and elegant sisters~ But you must find a technical online nail artist to paint this nail art, so the texture is also will be better.


3. Red nails

Although the New Year has passed, the red nails are still very popular. In fact, I usually like the red nails, because it is really too white to get started, and I am not picking people at all! If you don't usually do nail art, then this is definitely the best choice, and the temperament is good!


4. Milky white gradient nail art

The fingers should also be concave, but now there are so many good-looking nail styles, do you have difficulty choosing? Don't like blingbling nail art, then change to this simple and beautiful milky white gradient nail art! The milky white is set off, it looks super gentle, and compared to the left and right gradient, I recommend you to choose the gradient style from top to bottom, and leave the root of the nail with white, so that even if the nail grows out, it will not be embarrassing.