The Difference Between The Half Sticker And The Full Sticker Of The Nail Piece

- Jan 10, 2019-

1, Full patch

The full patch is a piece of nail on the entire nail surface. It can be used for the production of nails and toenails. It can be used independently. It is usually used for DIY nails and is inexpensive.

2. Half patch

The semi-patch half-stick piece is also known as the U-shaped piece. Semi-stick pieces are mainly used to make silk nails, and can also be combined with crystal nail powder or phototherapy gel.

Tips: Stick the nails off the real nails, put the glue in the slot to be attached, stick it on the nail and click it, then use the stringer to thin the nail at the intersection of the nail and the nail. And the nails look like they are on a flat surface. The rest is the same as the full sticker.