The Difference Between Nail Art Buffer Files And Nail File

- Oct 28, 2019-

The Difference between Nail art Buffer Files and Nail File


When the beauty goes to the nail shop nail art, the manicurist usually first polishes the nail with the polishing strip and the nail file, and then puts on the nail polish. The polished bar and the nail file are very similar, but the appearance and usage are very different. The specific differences are as follows:


Professional Nail Buffer is a nail tool for polishing nails, which makes the nails look like a varnish. In addition to nail art buffer files, there are also polishing blocks on the market that have the same purpose, except that the polishing strip has two sides and the polishing block has four sides.


180 Nail File  is a manicure tool for modifying the shape of the nail. If your nails are in the shape of a ninety degree, use a nail file to polish the edges of the nails to make the nails more rounded and smooth. The surface of the nail file has frosted particles, which are relatively thick, so it cannot be used on the nail surface and can only be used on the edge of the nail.