The Correct Way To Apply Nail Polish In Two Minutes

- Jul 29, 2019-

Sometimes we hear a lot of friends say that when nail art is used, there is always no way to paint good-looking nails. There is always a trouble on the nails. So what is the reason for this?


In fact, this solution is very simple. First, we can polish the surface of the nail before applying the nail polish, and polish it to the surface of the nail. However, the nails here to remind everyone, before applying the nail polish; you must first apply a layer of base oil to the nails, which can protect the nails.


After applying the primer, you can start to apply nail polish to the nail. You can apply it from the middle first, then apply the left and right sides, try to complete the three strokes, and avoid applying the thickness of the nail polish that has been applied many times.


If you can't see the color once, you can apply the second layer. After painting, put it in the nail LED lamp and dry it.

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