The Correct Use Of Stainless Steel Cuticle Nippers

- Oct 30, 2019-

Preparation Tool

Nail Soak Off Bowl , towel, stainless steels nail push, softener, warm water, 75% alcohol, dead skin scissors, non-woven fabric.


Standard Procedure

1. After applying softener and foaming hands to customers, clean and disinfect the tool with 75% alcohol.

2. Fold the non-woven fabric evenly, then put the thumb into it, then put away the excess part and let the thumb tip against the non-woven fabric. Spray an appropriate amount of alcohol on the non-woven fabric. During the cutting process, you can use a moist non-woven fabric to continuously soften the surrounding wet skin and play a role in water conservation.


3. Open the palm of your left hand; pinch the guest's finger with your thumb and forefinger, and the other three fingers hold the other hand.

剪死皮的流程 (7)

剪死皮的流程 (1)

4. Pinch the guest's finger and cut it in the direction of the knife edge of the dead skin. Be careful not to cut it intermittently; try to cut it into a line.

剪死皮的流程 (5)

5. Stop when you cut to half of the trailing edge of your fingertips. Cut the other side and cut it in the same direction.

剪死皮的流程 (4)

剪死皮的流程 (2)

剪死皮的流程 (3)


6. After cutting, dispose of some small pieces of dead dandruff. You can gently wipe the nail surface with alcohol on the non-woven fabric.

剪死皮的流程 (6)


7. Finished.