Teach You How To Choose A Good Nail Polish

- Apr 19, 2019-

When we buy the nail polish, we don't need to pay too much attention to the name and outer packaging of the nail polish. Instead, we need to look at its color card. What is the essence of it? They are nail polish: color, color, texture, and thickness.

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1. Color: How to compare its color? I don't know if you bought the nail polish when you bought it. The guide will first take out a color card and let everyone choose the color. At this time, we must not only look at the color card, but also the color of the nail polish, the color card and the nail. The color of the oil gel is compared, and the smaller the color difference, the better.

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Do not only look at the color card, the general color card is carefully crafted by the designer, we have to try it on our own nails, and then see if the color is bright, the color is even.

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2. Texture: the raw material of nail polish is formulated with basic color glue and color paste. If the color paste and base glue are not well blended, stratification will occur. Good glue may appear slightly stratified at least for three months to six months.


3. Thin and thick: can be colored, coated with a thin layer of evenly colored glue, is good glue.