Super Nice Semi-Transparent Manicure

- Sep 07, 2019-

We found the translucent smudged nail art really good! Beauty is so good that I take a breath! As a qualified fairy, nail art is definitely indispensable, because finding the right nail can not only show white but also improve temperament, why not!

图 (6)

This blue semi-transparent smudged manicure is really nice! There is a feeling of Alice in Wonderland, the whole looks very dreamy!

图 (2)

The blue smudged nails look good, not to mention the pink ones! Pink is the most basic color of our fairy! Plus a favorite element, it is a good manicure.

Soybean red smudged nails are also very good-looking, but not suitable for girls with yellowish skin; white-haired girls will be more moisturized when doing this manicure!

图 (1)

Retro red semi-transparent manicure is really exquisite! Why do women say they must have their favorite red manicures?

图 (4)

This is really nice! A variety of exotic elements combined together, with a smudged manicure, like an exotic princess!

图 (3)

The color-dyeing smudged nails are also good to see, don't want to, not only white and temperament, the fairy must-have!

图 (5)

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