Summer Refreshing Nail Art Recommended

- May 05, 2019-

The first refreshing manicure in summer is a gentler one. It uses a yellow, flesh-colored color jump design, and it is also gentle and not complicated.


The second one looks very cool. It uses blue as the main color, and with some small squares, it is very suitable for summer.


The third paragraph is a special one. It uses a tangram to design, which looks very interesting.


The fourth one is also a gentle one, using the nude color as the main color, with the small flower and the silver glitter nail as an auxiliary design, a very nice one~.


The fifth paragraph looks like a Japanese style, using flowers, leaves, birds, etc. as a design, it seems that the Japanese style is very strong~


The last one is not only refreshing but also super nice, satisfying the girl's heart of the girls~ using a different color of the disc, with a silver smudge, super good look.