Suitable For Daily Nail Art

- May 29, 2019-

1. Dark black nail art

Black is always the dark representative color with gold lines to spell out the shape of the stone with a cross seal!


2. Temperament nail art

Gray with coffee color, milky white color is elegant and temperament, and then with sequined small rhinestones and pearls, this makes the whole nail full of low-key and luxurious atmosphere!


3. Pearl + star month

The girl's hearty lilac pearly background with the golden little moon is cute, lively, and the girl is full of youthful atmosphere. T this medium-sized style looks cute!


4. Gradient + drill

The super-skinned pink color makes a gradient style with pearls, small rhinestones, and simple atmosphere and not low-key, this kind of revealing faint cute and not frivolous is very beautiful!