Stylish And Elegant Ice Blue Nail Art

- Sep 26, 2019-

Step 1: Prepare the required nail glue and tools, trim the nails and polish the nail surface, brush the primer, and illuminate for 60 seconds.


Step 2: Apply a semi-transparent blue nail polish with a small amount of glitter to the nail 3/4. You can see the hand-painted area next to the area to be applied and light for 60 seconds.


Step 3: Repeat the brushing of the translucent blue nail polish once in the 2/4 position and illuminate for 60 seconds.


Step 4: Repeat the application of a layer of translucent blue nail polish at the front of the nail for 1/4 second.


Step 5: Apply a layer of clear bright nail polish. Before the nail polish is dry, remove the light blue and silver sequins from the particles and stick them on the nails to make the nails look cooler.


Step 6: Finally, a layer of seal on the surface of the nail, and it will take 60 seconds to light up.


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