Steps Of Nail Application

- Dec 28, 2020-

The first step: trim the nail shape and polish the nail surface with a nail file to make the nail surface smoother.

The second step: prepare the necessary nails for use.

Step 3: Apply glue on the patch, the amount of glue must be appropriate~

Step 4: Put a patch on the middle finger, and illuminate the lamp for 60 seconds.

Step 5: Paste all nails in the same way.


Steps of phototherapy nail patch

1. If you want to make longer nails, you need to stick nails. Generally half nails are commonly used. The nails need to be polished to make the lines. Use nail glue to squeeze the glue to the concave shell of the half nails, and then stick to On the polished nails (note that the nails need to be polished as much as they need, because the next step will be polished, so there is no need to polish too much when applying them) After the patch, the nail piece is a little higher than the real nail, use the sanding strip carefully It’s best to polish the higher edge part of the nail to make it smooth with the real nail. If you do phototherapy on your real nail, you don’t need this step.

2. Polish the surface of the nail with a sanding strip, preferably to make fine lines. In this way, nails and phototherapy glue can be combined well. Don't worry about your nails not being polished. Light therapy that is not polished or very small can only last for two or three days. For the preparation of phototherapy, this polishing is too important. Pay attention to the edges of the nails and don't forget to polish them thoroughly. Use a brush to clean the polished nail dust. Do not touch the polished nail surface with your fingers.

3. Prepare the phototherapy machine. The bonding agent is usually brushed, and a layer of bonding is applied evenly. The phototherapy machine generally has a 120S timing. Note that glue-like bonding generally requires baking for 120S, and water-like bonding generally requires baking for 60S. Put the coated hands into the phototherapy machine for UV baking.

4. Next, we are going to apply color glue. Take the colorful sequin glue as an example to make it into a gradual form. You need to use a phototherapy pen. Take an appropriate amount of color glue and apply it to the tip of your nails. You can make it wide and long. , Note that if it is a gradual form, it needs to be painted more on the tip, and the closer it is to the top, the less the feeling. After applying the color glue, you need to bake it in general 60S, we just shape it.

5. Next, we need to apply transparent glue. If the color glue is gradual, the nail surface will be uneven, so we need to flatten the entire nail with transparent glue. Need to bake 120S. Remember not to apply glue to the nail flesh on the edge of the nail, it is best to leave a gap of 0, 5mm with the flesh on the side. Leave some gaps, the sealing layer is easy to use, and I will teach you a little trick. First brush a thin layer and bake 30S, then brush a thin layer and bake 30S, then brush and bake, you can repeat it many times, hehe will always be satisfactory, but it is a bit troublesome.

6. Be patient. In this step, we need to use quick-drying water, which is a cleaning agent, because the UV light of the phototherapy machine can only shape the phototherapy gel but cannot dry the surface. Pour quick-drying water on absorbent cotton and wipe the surface of the nails. At this time, the surface of the nails will not be sticky, and then use a tumbler to smooth the uneven areas. Use the sweeping brush to remove the polished dust.

7. Sealing layer. There are generally two types of seals, one is a no-wash seal, and the other needs to be washed with quick-drying water. Use a brush to evenly brush the sealant on the nail surface and cover the transparent glue on the nail. Because there are gaps when applying the transparent glue, the entire transparent glue can be covered inside to achieve a true seal. Remember, Do not apply the sealant to the meat directly on the outer edge, as it will knock the edges. After coating, put it in the phototherapy machine and bake for 120S-180S, take it out and wipe it with detergent. If you don't need to wash it, you don't need to wash it, but it should be noted that you can also touch it with your fingers. Air dry for more than 3 minutes before touching.


Steps to stick nails

1. Paste nails

1. First choose a suitable nail piece, if the finger edge arc or length is not suitable, you can use a 180 degree grinding rod to modify it. (For those who have too much skin on the edge of the finger, use a push stick to gently push the skin back.)

2. Use a 180-degree grinding rod to gently polish the surface of the real nail to increase adhesion. (If you are worried about nail damage or thin nails, it is recommended not to polish the real nails, and you can apply the primer first. But the relative adhesion will be worse.)

3. Apply an appropriate amount of special glue on the inner side of the artistic painted nails. (Please avoid touching the skin. If you accidentally touch it, please soak in warm water immediately, and then wipe with nail remover.)

4. First press the nail piece gently against the edge of the finger, then press the painted nail piece down against the surface of the real nail, and press it tightly to squeeze out the air in the gap