Steps For Usage Nail Art Mirror Effect

- Jul 11, 2019-

Nail Mirror Powder is a manicure artifact, so that you can easily make beautiful mirror nails without foundation. So what is the use of nail mirror powder? Let’s take a look.


1. Evenly apply the primer to the polished nail surface, and apply it to your favorite nail polish after drying.

魔镜粉的步骤 (1)

2. Apply a disposable sealant and then illuminate for about 30 seconds.

魔镜粉的步骤 (6)

3. Use a sponge brush to pick up a small amount of mirror powder and gently press it on the side of the nail surface.

魔镜粉的步骤 (2)

4. After applying evenly, rub the nail surface up and down with a cotton swab until a smooth mirror effect appears.

魔镜粉的步骤 (3)

5. Gently brush off excess powder with a brush.

魔镜粉的步骤 (5)

6. Apply reinforced gel , sealing it until dry.

魔镜粉的步骤 (4)

Nail art mirror effect

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