Skill For Using Nail Tools

- May 07, 2019-

The nail tools used in making nails have certain skill. If used improperly, it may damage our nails.

1.Nail grinding rod: used to remove the bumps on the natural nails and stains on the skin.

ST24 (8)

Usage: Used for coarse adjustment before polishing. Use force to evenly avoid excessive grinding.

2.Nail scissors: There are two kinds of flat head, beveled.

XJTZ06 (4)

Usage: First cut the required length with a flat nail clipper. If the nail groove on both sides of the nail is too deep and long in the direction of the nail groove, apply the beveled nail to properly cut off the nails on both sides. Nail art joins remind everyone to concentrate on the use of nail clippers and pay attention to not cut the skin.

3. Nail file: one end of the grain is thicker, the other end is thinner, nails join to remind everyone that nail file is used to manicure shape.

ST23 (6)

Usage: Hyperthyroidism is almost parallel to the nails, and the nails are stuck in the same direction.

4. Metal nail cuticle pusher: can remove the dead skin attached to the nail and around the nail.

SPT27 (6)

Usage: Nail art joins feel that it is possible to dry the skin with warm water and then apply the finger skin softener, then gently push it to soften the excess keratin.

5. Nail art buffer block: dedicated to the fine grinding and polishing of the nail surface.

PGK7 (3)

Usage: Polishing is the last step in the shape of manicure. Manicure joins remind everyone to always go in one direction at this time, remember not to polish back and forth.