Several Elements Needed For Japanese Nail Art

- Dec 21, 2019-

If you want to have a unique Japanese style nail art, then freshness, naturalness and simplicity are essential. So how can you bring such an effect?

1. the background color of the plain face is very critical

The key to Japanese-style nail art is that the background color is very plain and not so fancy, so nail training reminds you to try not to choose too much color when doing nail art. If you choose these colors, you will lose the Japanese-style effect. Personally, I recommend a milder tint, and a color close to the nail itself.

2. Although the color should be light, but also natural

As long as you have gone through the above steps, your Japanese manicure will be almost successful. If you want to be more natural, then the nail training recommends that you don't be too rigid when trimming the nails and keep your original nail shape or nail Trim the nails into square circles.

3. The pattern is as simple as possible, not too fancy

If you want to add a pattern after the background is finished, then the nail training recommends adding some simpler ones, and you must remember not to be too fancy, to do it naturally, you can add some smaller broken flowers, or add a little decoration, So it looks very good.