Protable Nail Drill Machine

- Dec 19, 2019-

After the Portable Nail Drill Machine started, it was not so difficult to operate as imagined. Novices can use nails when they practice the grinder, or they can use their nails to apply a layer of phototherapy glue to avoid touching the nails. Novices are best to use this machine in the early stage. Built-in grinding head, ceramic head is not recommended, as shown in Figure ~ 3/4/5, these three grinding heads can completely practice nail removal, peeling and other functions. Novices mainly practice holding posture; hands must Hold the sander firmly. The angle of the sanding head must be floating on the nail surface. Do not press hard on the nail surface to avoid too much force. If you do n’t touch the nail, the sander has a strength adjustment. Gradually increasing speed.

When we are skilled in practice, we can switch to ceramic grinding heads. The choice of ceramic grinding heads is based on the styles we make every day. The biggest advantage of ceramic heads is the fast removal of phototherapy nails and crystal nails. Next, it's done in minutes, and there is another biggest benefit, you can sand the dead skin. Remember that when I first bought, there was no sanding head with a large round head. I started it recently because cutting my skin is a big problem. The ancestors of the right scissors are really good, but I still do n’t use 6 too much. I ’ll search for dead skin when the stupid person has a stupid trick. Beat the dead skin around with your head, and walk again with a big round head to clean it. Now the dead skin scissors are no longer used!