Precautions For Best Wax Strips For Bikini

- Jun 19, 2020-

Precautions for Best Wax Strips For Bikini

  Best Wax Strips For Bikini should not stay on the skin for too long, it should be torn off in about 5 seconds. When tearing off the depilatory wax paper, it is necessary to reverse the direction of hair growth to be able to tear off the hair more cleanly. After removing the hair, you can apply some repair cream to repair the skin, which can help relieve the irritation of the skin.


Steps to use depilatory wax paper

   1. Keep the skin dry. This is different from other cosmetics. Remove the wax paper. If the weather is cold, gently rub the wax paper in your hands for 30 seconds to reach the body temperature.

   2. Cut the wax paper to 1 cm wide and 3 cm long. A small piece of wax paper can better fit the hair on the skin, especially the uneven skin parts such as the armpits.

   3. Carefully tear the wax paper into two pieces, both of which can be used with the same effect.

   4. Put the waxy side of the single piece of wax paper to the area where you want to depilate, and then press the skin along the direction of hair growth for 2-4 seconds. The growth of the hair is all directional, you can observe it carefully.

   5. Immediately tighten the skin with one hand, hold the edge of the wax paper in the other hand and pull it up quickly and decisively. There are two important points here. First, the skin must be stretched, and secondly, it should be pulled up quickly.

   6. After taking off, evenly apply the special repairer gel to the hair removal area, which can remove the residual wax on the skin and further prevent the hair regeneration.

  The best time to use depilatory wax paper

   The hair removal wax paper can be bathed after 12 hours, so it is recommended to remove the hair wax paper within 12 hours before and after bathing. Make the hair removal wax paper better and the hair removal process safer. If you use the depilatory wax paper before bathing, you can rinse the depilatory wax paper used on the skin well to avoid the residue of the depilatory cream on the skin, causing irritation and damage to the skin; if the depilatory wax paper is used after bathing, take a bath When the pores are fully opened, the hair removal effect is better.

  Can I take a bath after I’ve removed my hair?

Before hair removal, you can use a shower gel to take a shower. The shower gel used on the skin will be rinsed with water, and then continue to use depilatory wax paper. The shower gel will not cause irritation and damage to the skin, and it can play a good cleaning role. More conducive to hair removal.