Portable Hair Removal Wax Machine

- Feb 22, 2021-


Hair removal wax therapy is one of the best solutions for temporary hair removal of large (small) areas. Traditional wax hair removal uses a mixture of paraffin, oil and rosin. The company uses a variety of natural gel substances, sugar wax, etc., to reserve a certain length of hair shaft before treatment, about 3 mm long, or receive treatment two to three weeks after shave. After the substrate is heated and melted, apply it to the skin along the direction of the hair, then paste a layer of depilatory paper, and peel off the cloth strip against the direction of the hair after a little cooling. This method of hair removal is fast, simple and economical. Diabetes, varicose veins, moles, warts, skin ulcers and inflammations should not use this method.

Automatic heating, compact and flexible, easy to carry, used for hair removal care, facial wax therapy beauty care and maintenance, suitable for personal and family use.



1: Insert the depilatory wax strip into the depilatory gun, energize and heat to make the depilatory wax completely melt.

2: First cut the guest's armpit hair to the remaining 1CM

3: The hair removal gun is first rolled on the hair removal cloth smoothly

4: Because the growth direction of armpit hair is chaotic, it is necessary to apply wax along the direction of hair growth, with a width of 1cm. Stick it with a depilatory cloth, make it tight for 1 minute and then quickly tear it against the direction of hair growth.

5: In principle, it is a small area (so it is not painful), more times, longer time, and increased charging.

6: Do not pluck the wax strips when or after the hair removal gun is heated.

Combining the advantages of frozen wax on the market, because the hot wax makes the skin heated pores and hair follicles open and reduces the sensitivity of nerve endings, it makes hair removal easy, more thorough, and almost painless.


In addition, when using the double gun wax machine to remove hair, you must test whether the wax can flow out smoothly on the depilatory paper.

1. Before applying wax, the temperature of the wax must be tested on the inside of the beautician's own wrist, and the wax can be applied only when the temperature is acceptable.

2. When applying wax, you must apply a thin layer of wax evenly along the direction of hair growth. When applying wax, it must be connected, but not overlapping.

3. Paste the depilatory paper, wipe 2-3 times along the hair growth direction with the palm of your hand (appropriate strength), hold the depilatory paper in one hand, and tighten the customer's skin with the other hand (around the part to be depilated) to reverse the hair growth Pull the depilatory paper quickly with appropriate strength in the direction (pull the depilatory paper off at one time).



1. When pulling the depilatory paper, it must be in a straight line parallel to the skin of the customer's depilation part (Parallel: the depilatory paper is at zero degree with the customer's skin and within the same horizontal line; straight line: the angle when the beautician pulls the depilatory paper must be the same as that of the customer The skin of the part to be depilated is in a straight line).

2. Women are not suitable for hair removal during the week before and during menstruation. At this time, the hormone secretion is strongest, and the hair will grow faster after hair removal.

3. Customers with skin diseases, new wounds and sensitive physiques cannot get hair removal.

4. Do not expose to the sun within 3 hours after depilation, and do not touch water on sensitive parts. Do not use other products or go swimming within 24 hours, not to mention high temperature water.


Manufacturers sell a variety of models of depilatory wax machines at low prices, and depilatory waxes are for family use or beauty salons. Welcome Inquiry