Polishing Supplies

- Jan 15, 2019-

Polishing sponge: Used in combination with dry powder nails or cream nail polish for polishing and polishing nails. Always polish in one direction when polishing. Do not sand back and forth. The sponge must be replaced after use.

Sanding block: similar to the cuboid sponge, with sandpaper on the surface, used with oil to polish crystal nails (only used for crystal nail polishing).

No. 100 sanding bar: coarser grain, used for large-area sanding in crystal nail service, also used to trim the shape of crystal nails.

No. 180 sanding bar: Finer grain, used for polishing around the nail skin and the top of the crystal nail, making it smoother and smoother.

Foot sand board: remove the old man on the foot.

Sand bar: used to remove bumps on natural nails and stains on the skin.

Nail sputum: For natural nails only, the granules are thicker at one end and thinner at the other end.

In the grinding process, if you use an electric grinder, you can only polish the leading edge of the nail. Do not polish the nail body of the nail bed to avoid high temperature burns.