Plaid Nail Art Tutorial

- Jun 04, 2019-

Time-consuming: ★★☆☆☆


Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆


Practical use: ★★★★☆

格子美甲 (7)

Specific Steps

The first step: the bare pink nail polish base, use a small pen to draw the white nail polish, draw two horizontal lines to divide the nail face into three equal parts, and then divide it into three equal parts, remember that the lines must be drawn Straight ~ then light as the end of this step.

格子美甲 (2)

Step 2: Dip the red nail polish with a row of pens and paint the two grids in the middle.

格子美甲 (1)

Step 3: Next, use blue, yellow, purple, and rose red nail polish to color the different grids.

格子美甲 (8)

Step 4: According to the method of the previous step, continue to give the color on the surface of the nail, which will add color and make the color brighter.

格子美甲 (5)

Step 5: Dip the red nail polish with a pen and repeat the color for the middle grid. The grid below should be yellow! The next step is to repeat the color for the grid with different colors. Don't use the wrong color! In the middle of the color block, we only brush the edge of one side into purple, then brush the thin white on the middle and illuminate the light.

格子美甲 (4)

Step 6: Dip the purple nail polish with a row of pens, brush the color on the right side of the grid after brushing the left lower grid, but use white in the middle, and use the original grid color to deepen in other places~ and the grid below the red Still use yellow ~ to light.

格子美甲 (3)

Finally, dip a white nail polish with a small pen and re-draw the lines separating the grids. Draw the lines straight! Light up. Finally, the seal is completed.