Plaid Nail Art For Autumn And Winter

- Dec 27, 2019-

Speaking of plaid, the matte version is the first choice! The matte nail style is more advanced than the glossy surface. It is super durable with black and white lines.

Morandi is matched with white, which is versatile and white! A closer look will also reveal the pattern design with a velvet matte surface on it, which can give people a woolen texture and a warm feel. Putting it on is warming from the fingertips to the heart!

图1 (3)

Not only that, the most classic camel plaid is also a nail style with a very high roll rate in autumn and winter! Not only is the effect of great slender fingers, it is also very resistant to look and temperament.

The embossed plaid is a bit retro and fresh, and the right sense of weight not only matches perfectly with autumn and winter wears such as sweaters and coats, but also end-of-year parties such as Christmas tails.

图1 (1)

图1 (2)

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Essential tools:

Nail Art Liner BrushUV Gel Colors