Pink Gradient Tutorial

- May 27, 2019-

Gradient nail is a very suitable style for spring and summer, what about the pink gradient nail art? Let's take a look at the small pink gradient tutorial.


Step1: Please prepare gradient sponge


Step 2: Apply nail polish directly on the sponge, arrange the colors.


Step 3: Apply a layer of base oil to the nails, and use a sponge to rub back and forth on the clean nails. It is best to apply anti-overflow glue to the surrounding skin.


Step 4: After a little drying, apply the colored sponge to the nail until it is completely colored.


Step 5: Use a cotton swab to remove the nail polish and wipe off the surrounding skin. Vaseline is applied beforehand to protect the skin. It is very easy to make a clean gradient effect with a sponge dipped in nail polish, and then the top layer of varnish can last longer.